Dottie Burden sex in "Interlude Of Lust"


Name: Interlude Of Lust

Actors: Robert Bolla,Carlos Tobalina,Leon Marlow,Andrew Thomas,Vince Elias,Dan Boulder,Ron Hunt,Freddy Kohn,Gianturo Bolla,Al Tampa,Art Collins,Bill Gretan,Marvin Ellis,Bruce Norton

Actress: Mai Lin,Liz Renay,Karen Hall,Susan Page,Katty C. Smith,Gale Rosen,Kelly Darrow,Kathy C. Smith,Sandy Hunter,Dottie Burden,Margarita Sierra

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With their marriage on the rocks, Jo Ann and Bruce split and become born again sexual thrill seekers. You won't believe what goes on in the House of Forbidden Dreams where depraved Madame Zolla provides Jo Ann with many an electrifying sexual fantasy that makes sparks fly. But don't count Bruce out either. He goes to Vegas where Mai Lin works on his chopsticks till there ain't no more. Banzai! Needless to say, after this wild Interlude of Lust, the horny couple gets back together and lives hotly ever after.

Country: United States

Director: Carlos Tobalina

Year: 1981

Language: English

Duration: 136 min

Dottie Burden sex in "Interlude Of Lust"

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


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