Germany mature sex retro - "Die heissen Nachte Der Josefine Mutzenbacher"


Name: Die heissen Nachte Der Josefine Mutzenbacher

Year: 1981

Country: Germany

Language: German

Duration: 107 min

Director: Hans Billian

Josefine Mutzenbacher runs a place named "Artists' Paradise". Dr. Hofbauer, a frequenter of this establishment, stages a surprise spectacle for the patrons, which serves as a pretext for an orgy. Josefine and her girls go to the country for a picnic where they encounter a hunting party of gentlemen. One of them is Herr Kirchner who tells Josefine that his good-for-nothing son Loisl is going to Vienna to learn carpentry. He sends Loisl to Josefine's house. Josefine and Annie give him a detailed lesson. Then, Loisl goes to Meister Wehringer to become his apprentice. Wehringer has an inquisitive daughter named Maria. Loisl tells her about his experiences at Josefine's house and attempts to give her a lesson himself. However, Wehringer catches them. He fires Loisl and says that he'll write to his father about his misconduct. In desperation Loisl goes to Josefine.

Categories: Germany mature sex retro, 1981, Germany, German, Hans Billian, Margitta Hofer, Andrea Werdien, Melitta Berger, Monika Zierer


Actress: Margitta Hofer,Andrea Werdien,Melitta Berger,Monika Zierer

Germany mature sex retro - "Die heissen Nachte Der Josefine Mutzenbacher"

Saturday, June 17, 2017


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